September 2000

UKNM Roundup: 29-09-2000

Do advertorials con the reader?
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - September 29, 2000

It's not only heated debate and intellectual wrangling that create sore heads for UKNM subscribers. This week the second Chinwag networking event took place, much beer was drunk, many crisps and sweets were eaten and plenty of soft toys were taken home. Trust me, you had to be there. In spite of this, it was a lively time on the mailing list.

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UKNM Roundup: 22-09-2000

Are banners a waste of time?
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - September 22, 2000

Although they seem to be the common currency of advertising on the web, the effectiveness of banner adverts appears to be plunging, particularly if they are measured on click-through rates. So, how much, if any, of your hard fought-for marketing budget should be allocated to banner advertising?

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UKNM Roundup: 15-09-2000

Managing customer relationships
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - September 15, 2000

The post Internet stock plunge world has left many companies with reduced marketing budgets and a sharper focus on their existing customers. Stacks of companies have appeared on the scene, specialising in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and 1-to-1 marketing. It can be a confusing area with a plethora of methodologies and more than a smattering of buzzwords. Unsurprisingly, it's a topic that crops up pretty frequently.

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UKNM Roundup: 08-09-2000

Tough time for start-ups
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - September 8, 2000

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