March 2001

UKNM Roundup: 30-03-2001

Make Errors Work For You
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - March 30, 2001

Did you remember Mother's Day? Or did you find yourself on Friday afternoon hunting round websites for a company that could deliver the required floral tribute in time? Subscribers to the list didn't have much like trying Interflora, finding their website down for maintenance. The conversation focused in on the actual message that the maintenance page conveyed about the website and the brand.

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UKNM Roundup: 23-03-2001

Branding E-style
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - March 23, 2001

For those that got carried away, the extravagant sums spent on creating and marketing brands online seem to be coming home to roost about now. So, what is the best way to go about creating a strong brand?

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UKNM Roundup: 16-03-2001

Drop Dialling
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - March 16, 2001

Never heard of it? You will be soon. Drop dialling is a technique for generating revenues by persuading a web surfer using a modem to drop their current connection and re-connect via a premium rate line. With ad revenues still on the decline, perhaps this is a golden goose? You won't be surprised to hear that this latest innovation has been widely used by the online porn industry for some time now.

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UKNM Roundup: 09-03-2001

Site Testing
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - March 09, 2001

The uk-netmarketing list can be a very useful resource if you need a quick straw poll from a bunch of industry professionals. So, when Nick Horley asked for some advice for a friend thinking of offering site testing and re-writing services, there was plenty of advice on offer.

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UKNM Roundup: 02-03-2001

Effective HTML Email
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - March 02, 2001

Email marketing is on the rise, partly because of the relatively low cost, partly because there are so many parallels with the well-understood world of off-line direct marketing. Unfortunately, along with the benefits like reduced cost, the technology also brings a few headaches. One of the most major is the decision to use plain text email or email that uses HTML formatting i.e. it looks like a web page.

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