Digital Mission - Separated at Birth?

Some great keynotes here at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York, both yesterday and today. Gary Vaynerchuk was a firm favourite, at least from confering with the peeps from the digital mission companies (full list here by the way). We'll get to see Gary again at Wine 2.0 tonight.

The Digital Wednesdays event was packed yesterday evening - Lots of transatlantic networking and discussion. Interesting to compare and contrast once more between London and New York. It's clear that getting out to events and meeting people is more critical than ever, especially with things changing so quickly.

The comparing and contrasting was picked up in the "Separated at Birth" Web2Open session. There were raised voices, but only to keep about the background noice from the show. Lively discussion, and lots of the audience are still here as I am typing this, chatting, swapping cards and carrying on the discussion. One of the digital mission companies is even doing a show and tell. Tim O'Reilly even dropped in. Tim O'ReillyTim O'Reilly

I'm looking forward to the Birds of a Feather session at The Hudson Hotel tonight.