Measuring Social Media follow-up

Chinwag Live sessions are designed to get a conversation going between the panel and the audience. As you'd expect, some subjects generate more chat than others. And some grow a life of their own.

Coach & Horses, Greek Street, LondonFollowing on from Chinwag Live: Measuring Social Media in Feb, there seems to have been a general consensus that we're collectively at the start of a journey in understanding how to effectively measure social media.

One of the panellists, Will McInnes, suggested a breakout group for those of a metrics-geek bent, which he's dubbed MeasurementCamp and put up a Wiki to start collecting wisdom.

Chinwag's lent a hand on the logistical side of things and sorted out a room above the Coach & Horses on Greek Street (map) for an initial gathering - also home to the Tuttle Club.

N.B. To get to the upstairs room, you'll need to walk through the bar i.e. past the bar staff and up the stairs. They're a friendly bunch, so don't be shy!

UPDATE: Kindly pointed out by several Twitter folks, I complete missed the date - it's Monday 8th April, 10am-12pm (although you can stay on in the bar if you're really chatty).

To get a flavour of the post-event bloggage and to get you in the mood for talking social media metrics, here's a few links:

[Pic courtesy of: Mark Dodds]

Oh, and if you missed the original panel, Chinwag Live: Measuring Social Media will be 'on tour' i.e. appearing at Internet World on 30th May @ 3.30pm.