South by South West proves entices Digital Mission applicants

Digital Mission - laptop decorationThere's a veritable flurry of printing, stapling, hole punching and other filing related activity at Chinwag Towers. The application deadline for the Digital Mission to South by South West interactive (SXSWi) has come and gone.

Over 100 companies applied for one of the 40 slots on the Digital Mission which is a great response before you factor in the wave of dire economic news that's been crashing against the industry for the last two months. The number of entries also shows the healthy attitude of the UK's digital sector in looking beyond the local market.

The regional diversity also shows how digital SMEs are thriving and innovating well beyond London and the South-East with entries from all parts of the UK.

Next up, the judging process where the advisory board will work its way through the mountain of paper, printed double-sided on recycled paper, naturally.

Fortunately, with all these applications it's great to welcome two extra pair of hands to the judgly duties: Benjamin Ellis, investor, tech entrepreneur who covered the Digital Mission to New York and Ben Hayman, software entrepreneur and founder of mediatech advisors, Venture4th.

The finalists will be contacted in the next few weeks with an official announcement in the New Year.