Top ten brand videos on YouTube

Do you know how your company looks on YouTube? Open platforms and social networks attract massive audiences, and the impact of this sea-change in media on brands has been equally enormous.

Just ahead of their conference on the 4th of June, the Social Media Influence event organisers have compiled a top corporate list on their blog (Part One and Part Two).

Each of the companies’ videos on the list have been viewed over a million times and, in turn, have generated hundreds of comments.

10 – Toyota
9 - IKEA
8 - Microsoft
7 - Budweiser
6 - Disney
5 – Unilever Dove
4 – Coca Cola Diet Coke and Mentos = Human Experiment
3 - McDonalds Fast Food Freestyle
2 – Pepsi: Britney Spears, Beyonce & Pink - We Will Rock You
1 – Nike – Ronaldinho Touch of Gold.

At the last count, more than 80 million Youtube videos were viewed every day. With stats that impressive you could argue that it’s one of the most influential mediums around.

From the US presidential battle and frontline video footage filmed on mobiles of the China earthquake, through to music videos and user-created narratives of every variety, the whole world is on there.

Nevertheless, some companies are still blinkered to its value and the power it wields over brand recognition. The Social Media Influence conference will explore all aspects of social software and the effect its having on modern business practice.

If you’re involved in corporate communications this specially tailored conference looks set to really help you understand how user generated content, online communities and social media are influencing your customers.

Checkout the Social Media Influence conference agenda here:


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