PsychUp: Social Phobia. A Digital Marketer’s Best Friend?

Got Fear? Use It!

Next week Alex Sass will be speaking at the November Edition of PsychUp, we caught up with him to ask some questions to whet your whistle for the big day (Nov 12).

If you haven’t already snapped up a ticket, don’t fret, there are still a few more available. Get your’s here. Over to Alex...

What will you be talking about at the PsychUp?

I will be talking about how an experience of social phobia can assist in the planning and deployment of digital marketing campaigns for the general public. How moderation techniques within social media can be positively influenced by listening to those who face social anxiety.

Why do you think psychology is important to business?

When your live brand, credibility, SEO and even PPC is influenced by social media, planning your communications with an understanding of psychological impact will have a positive benefit on ROI.

How do you think the use of Psychology will shape the business world in the next 5 years and what excites you about the advances in the field?

Being able to predict and improve the legitimacy of communications through an understanding of psychology, brings brands into a new realm of reality. The huge divide between some brands and reality is diminishing. Within the next 5 years we will see brands learn how to be "real" and customers will play a bigger part in the funding, direction and selection of products. Advances in understanding the link between social feedback and customer service excite me - it will change the way the public drives commerce.

Who do you think is really making the most of psychology in their business?

A number of new apps are handling the "new world" especially well. I will name a few in my presentation but these include crowd funded projects and existing brands who have changed their internal structure and marketing efforts entirely based on social feedback.

What have you done recently that involves psychology or innovation that proves to you just how useful it is within a business?

I've worked with a large number of our brands to deploy a social media workshop at all levels (HR, to CEO) that includes simulated experiences where customers attack a brand in real-time, based on both they and the brand misunderstanding social intent. This complex situation requires an understanding of psychology to bring about a positive resolution and completing the workshop has helped our clients to improve their customer feedback scores, gain a greater sector penetration and even improve their SEO. 

Alex is Managing Director, Hyperworld Control and Social Media Consultant, Dynamo PR and will be speaking at the November PsychUp. Alex has written some brilliant blogs for us and you can find them here.

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