Psychology of Online Influence Conference: Early-Bird Ticket & Speaker News

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The first batch of early-bird tickets have just been released for Chinwag Insight: The Psychology of Online Influence, a half-day conference on 3rd May in London that uses psychology to help marketers understand influence, decision-making, behaviour and intent.

Book NowAn afternoon spent extracting meaning from a sea of numbers? We're looking forward to it, too! What better time to grab an early-bird ticket and for Chinwaggers (you'll need to login, or register if you're not a member already) there's a limited-time special offer to save an extra £50.

The list of speakers is growing daily with in-depth research, leading thinkers including a SMWLDN award winner, case studies, methodologies and plenty of actionable insight to take-away. The full speaker line-up and program will be announced in the coming weeks, when we've figured out how to fit all this great content into an afternoon!

Psychology of Online Influence Speakers

Nathalie Nahai, The Web PsychologistNathalie Nahai
The Web Psychologist (@TheWebPsych)

Nathalie is pioneering the new field of Web Psychology, which studies the effects of (and interactions between) our digital environment and our social and cognitive processes. Currently writing a book on the Secrets of Online Influence for Pearson, Nathalie consults with businesses to increase their profit, reputation and client base online.

Cambridge Personality Research

The myPersonality Facebook application has measured the personality of over 6 million users. Academic research at the Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre examines this unprecedented dataset in order to understand the links between personality and behaviour. Commercially this brings the results to marketers through Cambridge Personality Research which developed Preference Tool to bring psychological insights to advertising.

William HighamWilliam Higham
Trends Forcaster & CEO, The Next Big Thing (@NextBigThingCo)

William Higham is one of Britain’s leading consumer trend authorities, an expert in innovation strategy, predictor of consumer change and renowned trends author. Higham runs forecasting consultancy The Next Big Thing, and his popular guide to trend forecasting 'The Next Big Thing' (Kogan Page, 2010) has a been translated into four languages. 

Benjamin Ellis, Co-Founder, SocialOptic
Benjamin Ellis

Co-Founder, SocialOptic (@benjaminellis)

Social technologist and serial entrepreneur Benjamin Ellis is mainly known for his roles at Redcatco and SocialOptic, and his support for start ups and growing UK digital businesses – predominately though the Digital Mission with Chinwag and the UKTI. He makes the occasional appearance on Radio and TV, explaining the way that technology is changing how businesses work.

Martin Talks, President, Digital, Draftfcb

Martin Talks
President, Digital, Draft FCB (@talksy)

A serial entrepreneur who has floated a shares company on the London Stock Exchange and recently sold his agency Blue Barracuda to Draftfcb, Martin is now Global Digital Lead for the Draftfcb Group of companies and has already launched a new digital agency in Dubai. He curates a website on the increasing merger between Man and Machine.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in reaching an audience of switched-on senior marketers? l [dot] macatchinwag [dot] com (Contact us) to find out more about sponsorship opportunities for The Psychology of Online Influence.

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