Engage your Talent

What am I talking about..? We all work in a fantastic, fast moving industry where people are key to the success & growth of our businesses.It is ultimately their talent and skills along with their enthusiasm, creativity and thirst for knowledge which results in increased revenue & profit.

Talent can be defined in so many different ways – there is no right or wrong definition. Rather it ‘s what works best for your company. We believe at Digital Outlook is that everyone in our company has talent. They all have key skills and experiences that contribute to the success of the business. A senior manager cannot succeed without the support and ability of their team. You could also define it as a select group of employees that have been identified as potential leaders. There will be specific activities and support to ensure that they can develop the skills needed to take that next step up.

There are talented people everywhere – the challenge is to get the right people for your company/team every single time. It can take months on some occasions and sometimes you meet that perfect person straight away.

The other major challenge is, once you have found them, how do you keep them? There is absolutely no point in hiring your future stars to then completely burn them out in the never ending quest for profit and recognition. It will only result in a very short lived relationship and you’ll get dumped pretty quickly!

I don’t think there’s one company in the industry that hasn’t been faced with these questions and we’re no exception to that which I now hope to share. We’ve been through, and have learnt, so much around what to do and how to attract the people that would be perfect for us for now and moving forward. Some of the things we have done may not work in your company and you may have done other things that we haven’t.

Hopefully by us sharing our experiences, we can move the industry forward to be recognised as the most forward thinking when it comes to engaging people!