Finding & Attracting Talent

As I mentioned before, talent is very hard to find these days and getting harder.  You may be looking for months for that perfect candidate so what do you do to ensure that you find it and then you attract and engage it? 

Talented people won’t be attracted to you unless you have something amazing to offer that will entice them away from where they are, unless they are unhappy already and then your job is made slightly easier!

  1. Spread the word
    Use every means possible to get the word out that you’re looking.  Use your contacts, brief your agencies properly and incentivise everyone to make it worth their while to spend part of their hectic schedules contacting people they know.


  2. Assessing Candidates
    CVs are not always the best way to get the measure of someone – you may want to give them a call first off to find out a bit about them.  Keep an open mind when reading CVs – they may have been poorly advised how to write their CV but could be that star candidate you are looking for!

    Research shows that a method rapidly increasing in popularity for assessing candidates is accessing their details on social networking sites such as Facebook, Faceparty, Myspace and so on.  Around 20% of employers surveyed use this method to research candidates (68% use search engines and 60% would check a candidate’s blog).  This would seem a timely reminder to candidates to avoid putting up the vodka snorting shot on their page (or ensure they have set their privacy levels properly!)!  There are varying opinions about this but I personally would strongly advise against searching for candidates on these sites – they are what they are, social networking sites.  They are not meant to be used by potential employers to judge/see whether someone can do a job or not.  I would only use more work related networking sites such as LinkedIn. 

    However, if you do choose to vet candidates this way, any information that you do find on these sites should be used with great care.  You should avoid any hint of discrimination when you decide whether or not to hire someone on the back of checking out their latest party antics!  Job applicants can make a claim to a potential employer for discrimination in the recruitment arrangements or for deliberately not making an offer. There’s been no case law on this yet but its only a matter of time. You have been warned! 

    Interviewing candidates…next month
    (Research source: People Management, 9 August 2007)




Hi, Great blog. Its a topic

Hi, Great blog. Its a topic that we are all waking up to!

a new workforce

I wonder what you think about the new roles that are going to have to be developed in order to aggregate and filter this social media? This media is generating valuable information which companies previously had to invest in employees to gain and now, if they are able to manage the flow of content, can utilise this knowledge for 'free'. The key here of course is managing the content.

A new workforce

Yes its a new workforce but definitely uses skills that can be transferred from other roles within our industry and also other industries.  We have been working in & around social media in its various guises for many years now and have found that the best way is to allow people to find their own ways and shape their roles out of their interest & passion for it.  

Regarding 'free' knowledge and managing content, that is a much bigger topic - in my experience, nothing seems to be free :)