Digital Mission companies coming soon...

2234809424_a240d74a0d_m.jpgLike any good web project, it always takes a fraction longer than you think it's going to.

The judging process is now over and the team are beavering away contacting the successful companies. With a bit of luck, a following wind and some fast and furious email activity the official list of successful Digital Mission companies will be released tomorrow.

The slight delay is to allow confirmation that companies can attend and to make sure that all their details are correct. Always important when facing immigration officials and the like. Successful applicants will receive an email with further information today.

For those that didn't make it this time, don't forget that the mission to SXSW interactive, next March will have nearly twice as much space on it. To make sure you get the inside skinny on that trip, make sure you sign-up for the Digital Mission email newsletter.

As always, if you have any questions, drop us a line at or call 020 7183 2923.

[Pic courtesy of elusive]