Digital Mission success for Slicethepie

SlicethepieCongratulations to David and the guys from Slicethepie, a financing engine and market insight business for the music industry. As a result of contacts made during the Digital Mission to New York in September, they have been selected to appear at the next Hatchery event in New York on 5th November.

The HatcheryThe Hatchery organise regular events in the Big Apple, bringing together angel investors, VCs and leading industry figures. Co-founders, Dr. Yao-Hui Huang and David Blumenstein have developed The Gauntlet, a pitching session for the three companies that successfully make it through the selection process. Yao and David also spent time both on panels and networking with companies on the Digital Mission - thanks guys - filling in the details of what makes the East-coast investment community tick.

It's an extremely competitive entry process, so Slicethepie's success in making it through shouldn't be under-estimated, next up is their 7 minute pitch to New York's investment community (or what's left of it). The Hatchery's template pitching at The Gauntlet may come in handy for other entrepreneurs, or in fact anyone pitching. They recommend focusing on:

  1. Problem/Solution (What we solve)
  2. Market (Customer description, market size)
  3. Industry/Competition (Supply chain, competitors, etc.)
  4. Operations (What we do/how we do it)
  5. Financials (Key assumptions, financial growth targets or customer targets, etc.)
  6. Team (Who are we)

Digital MissionThe next Digital Mission to SXSW is taking place between 13th and 17th March 2009. The application process will open next week and details will be posted to the Digital Mission website.