Facebook Recommended Photos Suggests Friend's Snaps

Facebook's Recommended Photos Feature

A new service from Facebook is raising a few eyebrows amongst Facebook users. The Recommended Photos block appears in Facebook's right-hand column when browsing through photo albums.

Another step on Facebook's mission to do for the social graph what Google is trying to do for information? I could see the utility in this type of matching, iPhoto's face recognition feature has propped up my ageing memory when going through some old group photos. Perhaps this feature will do the same.

As one Tweeter points out, there could be some interesting social history coming out of this:

"Every wedding photo recommended by facebook (older than a year) now has the bride/groom holding a kid. Fly!" @sshreyas

The Recommended Photo tool isn't showing for everyone yet (thanks to @jacquiobeirne for the screenshot), but keep an eye out. 

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Hat tip: @reachstudents


Recommended Photos

If friend A has viewed your album, FB will put Friend A's album under Recommended Photos so you view theirs.