Help Wanted: The Ugly Truth

Help Wanted by Sam Michel

New Yorkers are known for their straight-up, tell-it-like-it-is attitude. One of the points I make during the pre-event briefings for the Digital Mission to New York, is the speed and brevity the mission companies will experience during the networking events in the Big Apple.

Well, strolling round the city on the final afternoon, we happened across, Rice to Riches, a rice pudding shop who were were looking for new staff.  And in true Noo Yoik style, they weren't shy in the Help Wanted sign posted on their front door, listing all the err, attributes, of working there:

  • Long hard hours
  • Very low pay
  • Lots of heavy lifting
  • Work for a ball-busting asshole
  • Dead-end job
  • No Benefits
  • No Advancement
  • Must be college grad

I'm not sure if any recruiters could take a leaf out of their book, whether this level of honest would attract or repel candidates would be an interesting study. Still, if you did receive any applications you'd know they were committed.

You have to love the Rice to Riches style...very much keepin' it real, just check out the other stickers on their shop window:

Photo (c) Sam Michel.