Want cash to exhibit at overseas tradeshows?

368281633_4cb5e6e83c_m.jpgThought that might get your attention.

Please leave a comment with any overseas tradeshows your company would like to exhibit at., or that you think should be included on the list. This assistance only applies to exhibiting in the Expo part of tradeshows or conferences, it doesn't include conference passes.

So, how does this work? Good question. Prepare for jargon and acronyms.

Chinwag has become an ATO (Accredited Trade Organisation), which means we can put in bids to the TAP (Tradeshow Access Programme) for selected overseas tradeshows. The TAP initiative is funded by UK Trade & Investment, the same agency that put a huge chunk of support into the Digital Mission to Web 2.0 Expo and the upcoming Digital Mission to SXSWi.

2867465595_4c3f93bc59_m.jpgSadly, the budget is limited so we have to apply to TAP with a list of tradeshows that companies would like assistance in exhibiting at. There's between £1,000 and £1,800 in contributions to costs available per company per show. As you'd expect, the T&Cs for this are fairly extensive, but the scheme should be open to pretty much all digital companies head-quartered in the UK.

As with the Digital Missions, the aim is to help UK companies expand their overseas business. Handy huh?

What we need now is to know - and very quickly - is which tradeshows should go on the list we're submitting to TAP. The deadline for entries is today! The overall fund is limited, so a case needs to be made for each show and why it's worth doing.

Yes, that is ridiculously soon, confirmation of Chinwag as an ATO has only just been finalised, but it'd be a shame to let this opportunity pass by. Please leave a comment asap with any overseas tradeshows you'd like to exhibit at, below.

[Pic courtesy of spcbrass and Benjamin Ellis]



SES Chicago Dec 8-12 SearchEngineStrategies.com (Any SES conf) www.internetmarketingconference.com (Barcelona) SMX events e:metrics events Clickz events

Emetrics USA

We're looking at doing emetrics in Washington in October and then there's Ad Tech etc


I think Cebit would be a good one to visit from a digital perspective (Germany and/or Australia)

Excellent initiative

Excellent initiative - apart from the ones suggested previously - maybe the Internet World Expo on next year? All the best with this - and you guys at Chinwag are doing an awesome job!!

Overseas Assistance (Exhibition/Travel)

Brazil Design Week - From September 9 to 14 - Espaço Pilotis, at the Modern Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro Enrolment on site www.brazildesignweek.com.br Sebrae in Rio de Janeiro - (+55 21) 2212-7971

Trade Show

Hi Michel Might be totally wrong but The Institute of Chartered Accountants have launched a new jobs site for the Accounting Community - worldwide. we are actively trying to promote the UK Accounting qualification overseas. As such we were looking at exhibiting at HRM Expo - The European HRM expo and convention 22-24 September 2009 in Cologne Would this count? many thanks luke Collier



Hi There, this is great! Off the top of my head the following would be worthwhile for Kempt: Casual Connect: Seattle, Kiev and Hamburg (see http://www.casualgamesassociation.org) Any of the ad:Tech events perhaps?