Google Impresses with Nexus One Ecommerce Experience

Nexus One Flickr Google announced the launch of their Nexus One phone on Tuesday, garnering the expected amount of geek love.

But, arguably the real revelation comes from the ecommerce site built to sell the phone, the only place you're going to pick one up in the near future.

Heralded by Business Week as an ecommerce revelation, Google have combined a pared down purchasing process with simple animations which demo the phone using a 3D feel rendered on the 2D computer screen. A nice touch.

Complicated charges, long contracts, complex fees and bundles are being ushered out in favour of simply buying the device, then finding the service. Unusually, the first option available is an unlocked version of the phone, although operator deals are available in the US with t-mobile with more on the way, and a European roll-out schedule (through Vodafone) for Spring 2010.

The move to mobile speaks volumes. Google have recognised that mobile is a massive part of the web's future and, by connection, it's own.  US analysts expect Google’s share of mobile ad revenue of $75 million to grow 100% annually, because of its increased control of Android and the mobile search market.

With the recent $750 million purchase of mobile-ad provider AdMob and its reported desires to buy the popular local-business rating site, Yelp, Google is showing it clearly thinks that mobile, and local, is the next place to mine for riches.

Low-cost, uncontrolled devices with low-cost connections equals more people using Google software and seeing Google ads, even if that phone is made by Motorola, Nokia or even Apple. It's all about keeping us on that lucrative mobile web for longer.

If I was to anthropomorphise Google it would be the short-man dictator intent on taking over the world. A bit like Napoleon but with email and search capabilites.

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Picture courtesy of AccuraCast. Some rights reserved.