Social Media In Ten Years - A Prediction

Over the last decade, so many of us have become slaves to our Twitter feed or Facebook posts. With Twitter turning 8 this year and Facebook turning 10, who could have predicted how much these networks would take off. Klood takes a look at what social media might be like 10 years from now. 

Everyone will be using it – not just ‘everyone’ as in ‘the cool kids’ or anyone who knows anything about social media marketing, nope, we’re talking everyone. You can expect to be sending your Nan a happy birthday wish via Twitter. 

Integration in terms of personal and business worlds, as well as virtual and reality will increase. We will start doing more in the digital sphere and the digital sphere will start being a control point for more of our reality, including social media sources. Our communication will become more digital, having conversations via mediums such as WhatsApp.  The current gap between personal and business social media usage will get smaller and smaller until gradually the two are merged with more openness and online sharing until the gap is bridged completely. 

Social media will become a real skill – as social media management becomes more valuable and crucial to business it will be further outsourced to those who have the experience and knowledge to make it effective. Specialist social media agencies will become the norm and it’s more than likely it will become more challenging to successfully engage in Facebook marketing or Twitter marketing without these experts.

The visual side will continue to boom – in the beginning, social media was mainly about words, in status updates and tweets. Now, however, it’s all about the visuals. Twitter recently introduced photos into the feed, rather than having to click on a link, which was previously the case. This, of course, means investment in bespoke visual media and a solid understanding of copyright implications.

These are just a few predictions but we don’t have a crystal ball. One thing is for sure though, the digital world is forever growing and you definitely don’t want to get left behind. 

Photo (cc) Sean Ganann. Some rights reserved.


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