Open Source for Games Developers

Event Info

Tue 28 Oct, 2008 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Westminster Kingsway College, Hopkins Street
London, UK
Cost: free


Open source techniques in software development are already employed by multinationals and spreading fast to other areas of creative productions. They encourage collaboration, make development processes transparent and can achieve better quality faster and at lower costs.

Yet despite those apparent benefits, open source technology is still the domain of a small but thriving community of independent games developers trying to find innovative ways of distribution, engaging their customers and exploring new business models along the way.

Own-it in cooperation with Open Rights Group have invited a panel of independent and corporate video games developers, joined by a specialist lawyer, who will discuss alternative business models based on open source technology and whether or not they could influence the future of the games industry.

They will be discussing the relative merits of their particular approaches in the context of the corporate games industry’s most recent successes to save a traditional business model by enforcing copyright law the hard way and potentially alienating future customers.

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