MediaCamp London

Event Info

Sat 13 Dec, 2008 at 12:00am
SAE Institute
297 Kingsland Road
London, E8 4DD, UK
Cost: Free


~The Innovative Interface Between Academia and Industry ~ 


NOT a BARCAMP - we plan a little before hand.


  1. Games / web development / animation
  2. Social Media / Communication / PR / Advertising / Business
  3. Educational Technology / teachers /

An innovative un-conference digging on games, web development, 3D animation, communications, PR, business, educational technology, teaching, advertising, blogging, branding, new and social media for anyone wishing to get involved.

What is MediaCampLondon? -  It's an UnConference with a strong educational flavour for advertisers, agencies, start-ups, PR agencies, game developers, ad agencies, constultants, bloggers, podcasts, recruiters, webTV, and new media professionals & amateurs for one day to share, explore, challenge, and grow our abilities in new media. Learn about audio and video podcasting, blogging, web marketing, photography, email campaigns, Second Life, Twitter, and all kinds of other new and social media tools. Whether you're a veteran or interested in getting started, MediaCamp is for YOU.




  • Provide a forum for the networking of colleagues and peers who have dedicated their careers to new-media, with a goal of representing a large and diverse community of interests and experience.

  • Facilitate information exchange on issues that relate to creative business, technology embracing, advertising, new-media skills training and industry related education.

  • Provide a platform for: industry events, seminars, web 2.0 information exchange, web-based information outlets and professional special interest groups dedicated to specific skills and areas of expertise.



Chris Hambly