CeBIT - International

Event Info

Tue 3 - Sun 8 Mar, 2009 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
Hannover Fairgrounds
Hannover, DE


CeBIT is the world's best known, most successful trade show brand. International branding is taking Deutsche Messe to new markets. As a result, CeBIT events are no longer based solely in Hannover but have found their way to Turkey, Australia, the USA, and China too. This means global exhibitors can benefit from new trade fair platforms and the added demand this brings. Shows such as CeBIT continue to be "made in Hannover" but are equally at home in the world's growth markets.

In 2008 the No.1 marketplace for digital solutions, trends and innovations once again inspired and energized the international ICT industry. With exhibitors reporting over ten million business inquiries in just six days, CeBIT is proof that the market is on the up once more. There's a new mood of optimism sweeping through the ICT industry - and your successful business future starts here - at CeBIT 3-8 March 2009 in Hannover.