Media Camp Liverpool

Event Info

Fri 11 Jun, 2010 from 9:30am - 11:00am
SAE Institute Liverpool
The Strand, Ground Floor, Wellington Buildings
Liverpool, L2 0PP, UK (Map)
Cost: £14 - £25 (booking fee)


The Innovative Grass Roots Event Sings The Merseybeat.

This is NOT a BARCAMP - we plan a little before hand, and then tweak on the day as needed.

This is an innovative un-conference focussed on:

  • mobile media
  • web development, usability, search
  • Applications
  • teaching and educational technology
  • blogging, branding, PR, advertising new and social media

If you do stuff with the web, or want to, come along you'll meet some very cool people.

suggested themes thus far:

  • Social Media Ethics
  • Facebook ads
  • Collaborative Writing Research
  • Marketing Strategy Optimisation
  • Social Media Related Projects and Startups
  • How technology benefits Strategy, Administration, Communication and Creative Practice to strengthen organisations.
  • We'll update this list as we go ...

What is Media Camp Liverpool?

It's a lively interactive educational event where everyone has equal importance. All participants have something to offer and share their experience with the crowd, everyone matters.

Who is it for?

For advertisers, agencies, start-ups, PR agencies, game developers, ad agencies, consultants, bloggers, podcasters, recruiters, webTV, and new media professionals & amateurs for one day to share, explore, challenge, and grow our abilities in new media.

Learn about audio and video podcasting, blogging, web marketing, photography, email campaigns, Second Life, Twitter, and all kinds of other new and social media tools. Whether you're a veteran or interested in getting started, MediaCamp is for YOU.

Social Media Mafia Mission:

  • Provide a forum for the networking of colleagues and peers who have dedicated their careers to new-media, with a goal of representing a large and diverse community of interests and experience.

  • Facilitate information exchange on issues that relate to creative business, technology embracing, advertising, new-media skills training and industry related education.
  • Provide a platform for: industry events, seminars, web 2.0 information exchange, web-based information outlets and professional special interest groups dedicated to specific skills and areas of expertise.


You can view the schedule by following this link which will open a new window MCLIV Schedule. - if you want to run a session please tell us during sign-up so we can fit you into it.


We have space to accommodate 35 people!

  • 2 classrooms, Library, massive projectors and LCDs.
  • City centre
  • Chillaxation, sofas
  • Free wi-fi

Why are we charging?

Having run around 8 of these types of events previously we have learnt that some people can become disappointed with "no-shows", that is people stating they are coming to talk about something and then not showing up, this does disrupt the day somewhat. We decided then to introduce a very small fee to show a sign of commitment, we figure people are more likely to arrive having paid a small registration fee.

And let's face it, 25 quid to be surrounded by cool people, free wi-fi and a plush venue all day is a steal.


We do not have an official twitter page, instead we'd rather you did the talking, so just tweet away and use the event tag #MCLIV

TAG: #MCLIV - please tag all media concerning this event with MCLIV

Previous MediaCamps events have attracted between 100 and 150 people.

Cool slideshow of previous Social Media Mafia events

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