London New Finance Technology

Event Info

Tue 30 Aug, 2011 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Bar Music Hall
Curtain Road, Shoreditch
London, EC2A 3AR, UK (Map)
Cost: FREE


New Finance Technologies are currently transforming our traditional finance industry, consumers and corporates are demanding new innovative solutions for web and mobile. The tech is already here, the question is how do we leverage it.
You should join this group if you are interested or involved in financial technology, especially if you are at the ideas stage or have a startup. You'll also find it valuable if you just use existing technology and want something better or just want to get involved from a legal, funding or process perspective.

What do we want to achieve?
We'd like to create a group that supports FinTech Entrepreneurs right through from initial concept to exit. That means bringing the right people together and providing a monthly meetup with relevant speakers and the opportunity to pitch ideas and get guidance. We intend to supplement this with seminars and meetings that focus on specific topics and address many of the difficult questions that are unique to FinTech

Some of the areas we'd like to cover are:

  • Market needs and opportunities
  • Validating ideas with the market
  • Regulation
  • Brand & Reputation
  • Legal, including Software Patents and IP
  • Product development
  • Selecting partners
  • Running Beta's

If you would like to get involved by either just helping out, speaking, pitching an idea or pretty much anything that contributes then please contact one of the organisers.



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Eddie George