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Wed 16 Nov, 2011 from 9:00am - 11:00am
Free Word
60 Farringdon Road
London, EC1R 3GA, UK (Map)
Cost: Free. RSVP required.


As consumers increasingly lead a digital life, it is imperative for publishers to move to digital too. While many have embraced the power of devices such as the Kindle and iPad, what else lies out there? How can publishers differentiate? How can new digital tools build advocacy within audiences, without just being the latest fad?


Perera's breakfast briefing is a great opportunity for publishers to consider new tools, new creative ideas, and to meet others making similar considerations.


It will focus on four topics:



Location-based technologies are increasingly popular with consumers, with Facebook, Foursquare and Flickr providing easy ways for consumers to understand the where of their information, as well as the what and the why. Geolocative services have tremendous potential for publishing, and can make a tremendous difference to storytelling and location-based work.


QR codes

The QR code is becoming very popular, but like many other graphic devices, it is not always used in an immersive way which adds value to the consumer. We'll go through some creative applications for QR codes - both in terms of how they are displayed, and how they can add value to the reader experience.


Gestural interfaces

We are now in a world of multi-touch interfaces; swiping, pinch-pull and many other moves are de rigueur in smartphones and tablets. We'll talk through the possibilities, both in terms of hardware and what can be done to add physical interaction to a work.



Many services now invite other programs to connect to them. This is the Application Programming Interface. Why and how can publishers work with APIs - and with so much data, how can publishers offer their own?


There will be coffee and pastries on arrival, and there will be time for networking. The event is free.




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