Evidon Empower Europe, The Cookie Compliance Conference

Event Info

Tue 6 Dec, 2011 from 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Field Fisher Waterhouse
35 Vine Street
London, EC3N 2PX, UK (Map)
Cost: Those interested in attending should email: seminars@ffw.com


Hosted by Evidon, the world’s largest dedicated provider of privacy and compliance solutions for digital media, Evidon Empower Europe, The Cookie Compliance Conference is the first event of its kind in the UK dedicated entirely to consumer privacy and the advertising data ecosystem. Evidon Empower Europe will probe the most pressing issues related to consumer privacy and advertising, including the definition of ‘consent’ (a requirement of the ePrivacy Directive), best ways to comply, and more. Leaders from every side of this much-debated issue, from chief marketing officers to privacy professionals, agency heads to network CEOs, will come together to discuss what will truly empower consumers and, in turn, enable businesses to grow. Evidon Empower Europe will dig deep into a topic that touches everyone in the digital ecosystem and beyond, and yield insights that aim to help shape the future of the digital media marketplace.

“We’re delighted to have such an impressive group of speakers gathering for this notable event,” said Scott Meyer, Founder and CEO of Evidon. “With thought leaders from the regulatory community in Europe, as well as advocacy organisations and luminaries from a broad range of organisations, we anticipate this will be an extremely informative and insightful day for all attendees.”

SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Carl-Christian Buhr, EU Commission on the Digital Agenda for Europe, Member of the Cabinet of Neelie Kroes, VP of the European Commission. David Evans, ICO Anthony House, Google Nick Stringer, IAB UK Louise Thorpe, Vodafone Neil Matthews, Dell Khan Smith, Akamai Colin O'Malley, Evidon Philip Milton, Department for Culture, Media & Sport Rob Reid, Which? Sharon Frank, Johnson & Johnson Caspar Schlickum, Xaxis Eduardo Ustaran, Field Fisher Waterhouse The complete agenda can be viewed here: http://www.evidon.com/empower_eu

Those interested in attending should email: seminarsatffw [dot] com

Field Fisher Waterhouse, 35 Vine Street, London, EC3N 2PX. Registration opens at 2:00pm and the program runs until 6:00pm, after which there will be a drinks reception.


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