CIPR Social Summer - Don't risk litigation, know your social media legal responsibility

Event Info

Thu 20 Jun, 2013 from 5:30pm - 8:15pm
Chartered Institute of Public Relations
52-53 Russell Square, London
Cost: Tickets cost £10 + VAT (£12) for both members and non-members.


With Katy Howell, CEO at Immediate Future. Connect with Katy on Twitter @katyhowell

Having a thorough understanding and appreciation of the legal aspect of social media is a must for all PRs. But a recent benchmark study shows that two-thirds of companies are not fully aware of the 'Terms of Use' on social platforms and only 6% understand CAP code regulations on promotions and competitions.

Protecting yourself and your company from social media litigation is essential. Lawsuits are on the rise in 2013. In this session, led by Katy Howell from immediate future, you will learn what legal aspects of social media you must look out for: when to pay attention to the Data Protection Act, when you need to draft in the legal team and what questions you should ask before popping up a post or retweet. Most importantly, the session will be filled with practical tips and checklists that will give you a roadmap of the legal landscape and give you the tools to know when you must involve the lawyers to protect your reputation, your brand, and your finances!


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