Minimising Wastage and Optimising ROI in Digital Advertising

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Wed 4 Dec, 2013 from 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Online webinar
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While marketers spend more than ever before on digital advertising, few possess the transpareny and control needed to make the most of their digital investment.  The 2013 International Media Image Survey (I-MIS) reveals that marketers lack detailed insight into ther digital media budget.  They're unaware of the money lost to arbitrage and fees and are uncertain of their digital ROI.

Transparency is the key to eliminating wastage and improving both ROI and confidence in digital advertising.  Marketers need to understand and take complete control over their digital spend.

In this webinar, guest speaker Belinda Barkeer, Managing Director at BSB Media and Michael Greene, Director of Research at AudienceScience, will discuss industry problems that the survey results reveal.  They'll p rovide insight into how you can eliminate such problems in your own digital advertising solution.  Key points will include:

  • International trends in digital advertising
  • How marketers underestimate the extent of wastage in their digital budget
  • How transparency can expose arbitrage and hidden fees
  • Ways to take control of your digital budget

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