On The Edge Digital Conference

Event Info

Fri 9 May, 2014 from 9:30am - 5:30pm
Congress Centre
28 Great Russell Street
London, WC1B 3LS, UK
Cost: Tickets start at £100


On The Edge Digital Conference, 9th May, London


The On The Edge Digital Marketing conference is back, better than ever, and coming to London on 9th May 2014. We have some exciting things in store and with confirmed keynote speakers Guy Levine, James Murray and Basile Fattal as well as breakout sessions on brand, mobile, content, SEO, personas and global marketing you are certainly in for a treat!


Tickets start from £100 – book yours now! http://bit.ly/OTElinkedin

What you'll learn:

Walk away with all the knowledge and insights you require to implement an effective digital marketing strategy for your organisation, including:


Keynote: Getting the most out of Data with James Murray, Digital Insight Manager, Experian 

  • What to do with it.
  • How to ensure your data is a good quality.
  • Understanding your customers.
  • Challenging preconceptions.



Keynote: Dramatically Improve Email Campaign Results by Multivariate Testing by Basile Fattal, CRM Manager, Philips

  • Different testing methods and how to convert insights into actionable results.
  • New testing methodologies including automated real-time multivariate testing.
  • Mobile testing ( in 2014 mobile internet traffic is taking over desktop traffic ).
  • How Philips dramatically uplifted their campaign results thanks to testing.
  • How to use the email channel as a market research tool and apply results and drive ROI cross-channel.



Keynote: Joining the dots of your marketing strategy with Guy Levine, CEO, Return on Digital


  • Why most companies marketing was broken before the internet and how the internet has made it worse.
  • How to keep up with constant internet changes and compete in a moving landscape.
  • How key platforms like Google and Facebook are changing their rules to make themselves more money, and make it harder for companies to compete.


Go global with digital marketing with Anna Bastek, CEO, Wolfestone Translations 

  • Create an action plan to localise your website for a new market.
  • How to dominate new markets using online marketing.
  • Practical tips to help you maximise SEO potential in new markets.
  • Avoid the mistakes even the big boys make when targeting overseas markets.
  • How to approach link building and content overseas.


“Throwing shit against the wall & analysing what sticks…” with Hannah Smith, Content Strategist, Distilled 

  • How we consume content online has and will continue to change, learn how to keep up.
  • Why technology changes have resulted in permission marketing assets no longer being enough.
  • Create content your audience will love and want to share .
  • Persuade companies to think beyond their products and services and think about their audience instead.
  • Get practical tips on how to ideate, execute and get sign off for this sort of content; and how to make your content go further and work harder for you.


The future of Mobile Marketing with Ringo Moss, Product Design Director, Nerv

  • The growth of the smartphone and tablet and their context in the life of today's consumer.
  • Small screen devices and their increasing route to conversion.
  • How consumers might be using their devices differently over the coming years...
  • What is next for mobile and how will it impact across the marketing tactics that we use?


Shape-shift your content: finding the right tone, style and channels for your personas with Jonathan Henley

  • Your audiences are NOT homogenous in their characters or behaviour.
  • News & data consumption is changing – you need to reflect that change in your content.
  • Repurposing content isn’t simply choosing different paragraphs to use.
  • We love our experts, just not how they write!
  • Shape-shift your content to channel-shift tomorrow.



Page One Domination with Oliver Ewbank, Digital Marketing Manager, Koozai

  • Find out how to monitor your brand online and carry out an on-page SEO Audit.
  • Proven page one optimisation tactics and Google Image Optimisation
  • How to get featured in Google News results and which social profiles rank the best in Google.
  • Learn when to integrate paid and natural search strategies.
  • Sustainable inbound marketing techniques.
  • How to meet the Google Webmaster Guidelines.



‘Brand Love/Brand Hate’. How brand savvie’ are we! With Gary Wicks, MD, Pure Thinking 

  • The big question; ‘Who wears the brand trousers?’
  • Do they control us or are we brand savvie?
  • How can we control and create our brand that increases our business potency?
  • The tool-kit; build a brand; the experience and measurement plans



What else?

  • Network with fellow business professionals from some of the UK’s biggest brands
  • Enjoy a sumptuous lunch and as much coffee as you can handle in the centre of London
  • Earn CPD points
  • A guaranteed seat for every speaker session
  • Use the FREE Wi-Fi to keep up with your working day and implement your new strategies straight away


Don’t miss out book today! http://ontheedgelive.co.uk/london