Music 4.5: IP & Licensing

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Wed 25 Jun, 2014 from 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Eleven/Lewis Silkin Offices
5 Chancery Lane
London, EC4A 1BL, UK
Cost: From £124+VAT


IP & Licensing – A brave new era in online song licensing

The artist business model is changing.
What compromises and adaptations need to be made in a world where content is free?

The European Commission is in the process of modernising the EU copyright legislative framework, and it has soon finalised the Licences for Europe industry-led solutions, all with the aim to facilitate a vibrant digital market place.

Meanwhile, there is a shift away from collective licensing in the digital domain.
And, there is an increasing number of bespoke music creation set-ups for film, TV, games and entertainment, bypassing the use of synch licensing of existing catalogue. New publishers are investing in and monetising music rights in new ways and through innovative partnerships with broadcasters and brands, as well as using the traditional money-making routes to market.

What changes does the brave new era in online song licensing bring?


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