Typesafe's Fast Track to Akka with Scala

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Tue 8 - Wed 9 Jul, 2014 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
Skills Matter
London, UK
Cost: £1295


Would you like to learn how to build powerful concurrent applications with Akka and Scala? This Akka with Scala course by Typesafe is what you need to get started!

Join this Akka with Scala course and learn how to design scalable, fault-tolerant concurrent applications using Akka's actors. Gain the skills to be able to test, tune, and configure Akka applications and learn how to apply best practices for designing asynchronous, event-driven systems using Akka.

Upon completion of this Akka with Scala course you know how to apply the tools and services provided by Akka to build high performance, fault-tolerant systems that scale, and you'll be confident to start using Akka in production systems.