Smart Social Media Summit

Event Info

Wed 3 - Thu 4 Jun, 2015 from 10:00am - 5:00pm
Senate House
Malet Street
London, WC1E 7HU, UK
Cost: 210.52


Semantica Research Smart Social Media Summit Semantica Research’s Smart Social Media Summit brings together social media professionals, business executives, academics and other influencers from around the world to discuss how the online social experience in the age of sensors and the Internet of Things will disrupt business, politics, health, AND other areas of International Affairs, paving the way for a fundamental change in the ways businesses and other institutions interact with people.

The Smart Social Media Summit is a timely opportunity for policymakers, business leaders, scholars and other decision-makers to gain insight, share ideas, and access high-level resources on this fascinating and urgent topic.

The Smart Social Media Summit will provide social business professionals with the unique opportunity to learn and obtain resources from other world-class experts in the field of Smart Social Media and use these for business success.

Join business leaders, academics, policymakers and other influencers at the Semantica Research Smart Social Media Summit designed to empower and inspire you with executive-level insights, tactics and understandings about Social Media in the age of the Internet of Things from policy makers, academics, government professionals, researchers, journalists and more.

There will be 15 different sessions held by various Smart Social Media experts.

You’ll discover innovative and leading ways Smart Social Media is being used to influence business, government and international development.

This event will be held at Senate House in central London between 3-4 June 2014 and for easy access or you can stream the entire proceedings of the event in high definition online.

Why Should You Attend this Conference? Discover the newest thinking, techniques and resources used by social media and Internet of Things experts. Listen and engage with government officials, academics and business leaders as they describe how Smart Social Media is influencing everything Improve your professional development at low cost to you: Most conferences cost thousands of pounds, require you to take time off work and involve long travel to the event destination. At the Smart Social Media summit, all of this is eliminated because it is online Watch all of the sessions online at your own pace: All of the sessions are held online. You can attend the live sessions or watch the videos, read the eBook or listen to the MP3 afterwards at your own convenience. Network with social media and Internet of Things professionals like you. Make new professional connections in our private LinkedIn group only for conference attendees. Discover the latest, most innovative thinking on Big Data and Global Affairs from government, academic, digital, technology, communications and industry experts “How To” sessions from professionals on creating robust and effective ‘Smart Social Media’ strategies Discover how the private and not-for-profit sectors are collaborating to make their organisations more resilient This Event is Valuable For The Following Reasons: 1. No travel required

2. Highly valuable content

3. Transcripts of the sessions at no extra charge

4. Networking opportunities – Make valuable professional connections in our exclusive LinkedIn group just for attendees

This fully online summit will help you develop a thorough understanding of how big data is currently being utilised in international affairs by academics, policy experts and business leaders. This event is being broadcast over two days and if you can’t make it to a session live, you can watch the recordings which we will provide directly after the session has concluded.

What You Get When You Attend This Conference: 1. The latest thinking on social media in the age of the Internet of Things

2. Digital gift bag

3. Valuable advice and information on strategies and tools used for business success

4. Real-world case-studies from successful organisations that have great insight in this field

The Semantica Research Smart Social Media Summit will be Attended By: 1. Academia

2. Social Business professionals

3. Business leaders

4. Public Sector professionals

5. Information Technology Professionals