Next steps for education technology in England

Event Info

Tue 28 Nov, 2017 from 8:30am - 1:00pm
To be confirmed
London, WC2, UK
Cost: 210


It follows the recent launch of EDUCATE, a collaborative project which aims to ensure UK products and services have real impact on learning and the agenda includes a keynote address from its director, Professor Rose Luckin. The seminar also takes place in the context of renewed emphasis placed on digital skills in both the industrial strategy and the UK Digital Strategypublished in March 2017.

Attendees will look at the use of technology in schools and the barriers faced by them in engaging with edtech and key issues surrounding value for money. They will consider ways in which schools can determine the efficiency and effectiveness of tech products and services, how teachers’ confidence in the use of new technologies can be boosted and challenges for maximising educational outcomes from their use.

Further sessions will look at challenges and opportunities for edtech suppliers, including ways to navigate a post-Becta market, approaches for tackling current problems in teaching and learning and the key issues surrounding marketing to schools. Delegates will also consider ways in which government could provide more support to younger firms joining the market today.




Westminster Education Forum