Event Info

Mon 30 Apr, 2018 from 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Campus London
4-5 Bonhill Street
London, UK
Cost: Free


About This Event Millennials have been described as the job hopping generation. Surveys of tech workers in the US and UK show average tenures to be little over a year… what’s going on? Are they jumping ship to find more fulfilling opportunities only to eventually meet the same disappointment? Is the issue with us employees, our employers, or both?

In this session we will discuss and adopt tools and mindsets for building fulfilling careers. Abadesi Osunsade is the founder of Hustle Crew, a career advancement community for the underrepresented in tech. Having worked at everything from mature tech companies like Amazon to rising stars like Groupon pre-IPO she's had her fair share of experiences across tech. In this session she will share her journey and advice in order to inform our audience on how to make better informed decisions, and earn more and learn more at work.

Takeaways How to improve our self-awareness and make data driven decisions about work. The spectrum of fixed and growth mindsets and how we can turn failures and setbacks into learning opportunities instead of being crippled by them. How to define our own personal standard of success and what tools / mindsets we need to adopt in order to stay effective and accountable to our goals. An overall clearer idea of how to make the next best move in your career.