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Subject: Re: FLASH: Lobby level? Flash3
From: David Gary
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 19:03:43 +0100

John Croteau wrote:

> Hi David,
> > Does anyone know if you can unload level0 movie.

> I believe you need a level zero movie.
> Why not make a two frame loader movie in level zero.
> Frame one will load another Movie(s) with all your initial content on
> say level 50.

Hiya John,Thanks as usual for the quick response. Unfortunatley I have movie
clips inside my swfs
that communicate with each movie layer and it would be a nightmare to do what
you recommend with a "remote" movie on level0.

So with that in mind, I have now simply parked the level0 swf in a blank
and loaded the level1 movie.

The problem is, my "skip intro" button isnt working correctly. Its loading
the level1<interface) swf and parking the "intro swf. but its not
communicating with the
label in level1 to play. Level1 is simply staying in its "park" position.

The action keyframe finds it but not the "skip intro" button.

Heres the layout.

Intro swf starts to load on level0(default). Later in the intro I have a
keyframe (action)
"Load Movie" "interface.swf" "level1"
In the first frame(blank) of Interface.swf I have "stop" action(park).

This is so the interface.swf will park itself and start loading until the
intro completes its animation.

At the end of the intro.swf(level0) I have action keyframe "Tell target"
"_level1" "goto and play" label "main".

This is so when the intro completes it run it will park itself and tell
interface.swf(level2) to
start playing at a label called "main".

Everything works fine until the viewer hits the "skip intro" movie. Then the
"interface.swf"(level1) loads and the "intro.swf"(level0) parks itself in a
blank keyframe,
but it doesnt trigger the label "main" in "interface.swf(level1) to play. Its
simply stops.
in the first frame "park"(action keyframe "stop").

Heres the command for the skip intro button.

"On Press"
"load movie", "Interface.swf" level "1"
"tell target" "_level1" "goto and play" label "main"
"tell target" "_level0" "goto and stop" label "park"

The above command is simply not working.
Its loading the level2 movie and parking the level0 movie like it should
but its not triggering the "goto and play" label.

See anything wrong with the command?

Its irritating when your doing it right and it still doesnt work.
Problem is your usually "sure" you doing it right!<g>

Thanks for any help John.

BTW I was in your chat around 11pm EST last night and didnt see anyone for
I still have it open on the taskbar.


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