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Subject: FLASH: Sunday-Aug 29, need help today if possible
From: Sienna
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 16:03:49 +0100

This is most likely so simple that I'm going to feel like a heel for not
figuring it out but I've tried everything. I have demo due in the morning
and one peice of the movie is not working.

I have a mask shaped like a sun that has to rotate smoothly. Exactly like
the asterik in the MM movie clip. The problem is, mine goes to the right
then flips back to the left, then jerks out of place. Here's how I set up
and neither way worked.

Created the mask shape in a movie. Entered a key frame down the timeline
and in that frame I clicked on the mask and made it rotate 360 degrees.

Then I tried making it rotate to the right just one time. That works
perfectly until it gets to the end of the rotation then it jerks back and
starts over.

I tried entering 4 key frames. At each frame I made rotate to the right by
one increment. Well that gives me the smooth effect I want but now it
rotates to the right, then left and flip flops back and forth. I just want
it to go one direction SMOOTHLY!

Also, it rotates to fast. I want it to go very slow while the rest of the
movie goes by faster. Any suggestions? I tried looking at the asterik but
can't find what makes it rotate around.

Can I make this movie a movie clip and place it in a main movie as an
animated back drop? I don't know if masks can be used in movie clips?

Thanks Sienna

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