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Subject: Re: FLASH: lettering
From: Nigel Randsley-Pena
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 20:11:04 +0100


> Thanks to Lena and Fabienne:
> I found the sample file Writing Pen and it appears to be a frame by frame masking
> effect. Very slow and laborious technique. Was hoping for something more automated,
> but I had a feeling there wasn't an eay way to do this.

There is in fact another method, that is quicker, being a bit more
automated, but requires an external programme, either Illustrator or
FreeHand will do. If you have one of these then read on. I've used this
process with various objects including lettering. As this is a Flash
list let's use FreeHand for the example and save JD the time necessary
to answer praising the virtues of FreeHand ;)
Open a new document in FreeHand, select the text tool, and place 1 char
on your page. Leave this char selected give it a fill of none and a
basic line. Still selected apply a convert to path. If the letter has
drop out's like for example 'O' do a split. Depending on the letter you
will have a number of control points. If they are too few add some,
Xtras Distort Add Points. Deselect the letter and click drag it so as to
select the anchor's, now do a split. With the selection still active do
a copy. Open a new document and in this one place an empty text box.
Paste the copied elements, leave selected and do Xtras Animate Release
to layers. Export this document in ai 7.x format. Close Freehand goto
Flash choose Insert New Symbol type movie clip and import the saved ai
file into this symbol. You'll see a series of layers imported into the
symbol. Each layer is one step of your animation. Now just arrange each
of the keyframes in each layer so that they form a progression by adding
blank frames before each key frame in each layer. Add the necessary
blank frames in each layer after the keyframe so it won't disapear from
the stage and your animation is done.

Have fun


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