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Subject: FLASH: Generator 2.0
From: Phillip M. Torrone
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 18:09:37 +0100

Looks like Macromedia just officially released Generator 2.0. So now some
of us from the beta group can start talking :]

I have to say, it's a great product that we have been able to work with for
the last few months. Flash 4 and Generator 2 are wonderful together.

Here's a short summary- feel free to ask if you need more- or check it out
Macromedia's site.

What is Generator 2.0-
Generator is a server-based application that dynamically updates Flash
graphics static images and animation using external data sources. Designers
can create Flash movie templates containing variable elements, both
graphics and text, which are replaced with content by the server. Such
generated content can be played back in the client's browser as Flash,
Java, QuickTime 4 Movies, GIF, or animated GIF files.

It can-
Replace Text
Insert, Replace, Transform, Replicate, and Plot movie clips and graphic
Generate custom charts (Lots of new charts!):

Basic Charts
-Bar, 3-D Bar, Stacked Bar
-Line, Stacked Line
-Area, Stacked Area
-Scatter, Scatter Line
Pie Charts
-3-D Pie
Stock Charts
- High-Low-Close
- Open-High-Low-Close

Create scrolling lists with dynamic data
Insert external jpeg files
Change JPEG, PNG, and GIF settings
Change color effects
Insert sounds

(Offline) Create Stand-alone Projectors and Quicktime 4.0 movies
(Offline) Create Text files (this is a way to catalog all the data from a
.swt file, for search engines etc...

What's New in Generator 2-
The Generator Objects palette and inspectors have been added to make it
quick and easy to create Generator objects and specify their properties.
The Movie Settings, Insert External Media, and Data Encoding commands
have moved to File > Publish Settings > Generator tab.
GIF Settings, PNG Settings, and JPEG Settings have moved to File >
Publish Settings.
Set Environment and Set SQL Environment commands have moved to the
Generator Environment Variable button on the timeline.
Insert Sound has moved to the Generator palette.
New Generator objects have been added.

Generator 1.x templates should be fully functional with Generator 2.0*,
except that the parameters specified in the Settings dialog are not
Generator 2.0 is not compatible with Flash 3; Flash 4 is not compatible
with Generator 1.0.
*-Watch out-, if you have any templates that use any "Undocumented Charts"
change those to Generator 2.0 charts.


Phillip M Torrone
Director of New Media
Braincraft Learning Technologies
627 Broadway, Suite 504
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212.539.1680
Fax: 212.539.1741

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