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Subject: Re: FLASH: Movie speeds
From: Randy Kato
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 18:32:23 +0100

Yeah, even if file size is no object, it may come into play. If it's a big movie
it will still take time to load from the CD or even from a hard drive, and the
matching up of frames upon Load could be tricky.

I do think the controller MC would be better for you, and it's a concept that
can apply to lots of projects. Here are the basics...

You have a MC that has no graphics or anything in it, just code. Frame 1 just
has a Stop action (this is so you can load it on the main timeline without it
executing its actions). Frame 2 has the meat. It will have actions that Tell
Target the main timeline and tell it to Go to and Stop on the next frame. Frame
3 simply has a Go to and Play Frame 2 (to loop it).

If you just want it to go twice as slow, move what's in Frame 3 to Frame 4 so
there are two frames in the loop, from 2 to 4. Since this is a timeline-based
loop it will advance the main timeline's playhead one frame for every two frames
that are played (in the MC), thus simulating half speed.

You would activate this controller MC with a "Slow-Mo" button or something and
say On Press, Tell Target the MC to Play (since it's stopped in Frame 1),
activating the loop. On Release, Tell Target the MC to Go to and Stop on Frame 1
(breaking out of the loop), and tell the main timeline to Play. Or if you don't
want a press-and-hold type button you could have the button change to "Normal
Speed" and use the same actions.


emma wrote:

> Randy,
> Well, I mainly need a speed change button to slow it down. I really don't
> think there'd be a need to speed it up.
> I don't mean to be dumb, but I'm not quite sure what you mean by using a
> controller movie clip to slow the thing down. And would it really be more
> efficient than just doubling the movie, considering how easy that is (and
> also considering that flie size is no object with this project)?

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