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Subject: FLASH: trial version
From: moo
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 21:51:22 +0100

on 8.29.00 3:21 PM, the Right Honorable John Dowdell at
jdowdellatmacromedia [dot] com said:

> There should be a free 30-day
> trial version on the Macromedia site sometime this week.

this is the best thing macromedia does- 30 days to fall in love. there
hasn't been a single trial version from MM i downloaded that i didn't
eventually buy.

i wish i'd had this option before i upgraded photoshop 5 to 5.5. i would
have discovered that ps5.5 wasn't a big deal, especially since i already
owned imageready.

i'm going to drag my feet on upgrading to PS6 until i see what other people
have to say about it. it doesn't sound all that appealing to me at the

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  Re: FLASH: SLOW DOWN, John Dowdell

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