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Subject: Re: FLASH: oops wrong header... CONVERSION ISSUE
From: Matt Wobensmith
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 22:14:36 +0100

Hi David -

You wrote:

>I have brought some flash4 clips in to my flash 5 project... and things are
>behaving most unpleasantly. Is there a major back compat issue?

You *should* be able to take a Flash 4 FLA, open it in Flash 5, with no
compatibility issues. Of course, you can't save changes in Flash 5 and open
it in Flash 4 again.

>In this movie I cannot get tell target to work AT ALL, but of course in any
>flash 5 from scratch, it works fine. What gives?

A file that works in Flash 4, opened in Flash 5, with no changes - does that
work? Did you change anything?

>Also, when trying to set viablity to '0' in a nested clip, EVERYTHING on my
>main timeline disapears. er... whats up?

Sounds like a path issue. If you chose a path that was wrong, it's possible
that the object whose _visibility you're setting doesn't exist, and so it
just affects the whole timeline.

If you can give us more details, that would be helpful.


Matt Wobensmith
Flash Community Manager

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