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Subject: Re: FLASH: OT: Photoshop Mac to Photoshop PC : OT
From: Me
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 22:30:08 +0100

Some of us hard core GFX people use a host of software... Photoshop is great
for most applications though I would now reccomend GIMP for windows as it
has all the same basic tools as photoshop for free... but GIMP would need
more physical RAM because you wouldn't be able to depend on the good VM of

I just wish Paul Nolan would convert Photogenics to Windows, i have been
encoraging him for years... it has a whole set of tools that make photoshop
operators drool when watching a good Photogenics operator... Paul also
ruined the simple front end of photogenics 1 and 2 in the latest version...
I even start up UAE just so I can still run Photogenics 2... the only
program thaat has been able to emulate a small part of photogenics best
features has been Corel Paint.. but that only allows for the Hot adustment
of colours on a paint layer... Photogenics allows for the hot adustment of
paint styles (you paint effects on and are 100% adjustable)... oh and true
alphas are so easy to work with... Just have to find a Linux I am happy
enough with just to run it I sopose :)

There arent many art programs I have not used... well known or not... Any
Graphics Guru who only knows Photoshop is either a green graduate or plain
lazy... you wouldnt expect your mechanic to only know how to use the Socket
set :)

> Thats the stronghold adobe has on that market. Despite its high learning
> curve everyone has sometime or another learned teh basics of photoshop,
> i doubt they will be wlling to put in the time and energy to learn a newer
> product no matter how superior it might be.

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