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Subject: RE: FLASH: MD5 hash in F5 action script
From: .redstar.
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 01:18:24 +0100


"what is md5? sorry for the ignorant q."

And why should a seeker of knowledge be assumed to be ignorant ?
In very simple terms, and without attempting formal correctness, MD5 is a
way to transform a sequence of strings (text) into a fix length
representation that uniquely identifies the original text. This can, among
other uses, be useful when you want to send passwords or other sensitive
data (card numbers for example) but do not want to transmit the clear text
version of the data so as to avoid interception.
As MD5 is 'a one way function' you 'cant't' retrieve the original data from
the MD5 hash of the data so interception and recovery of the original data
is 'very hard'.
The basic usage would be to have an entry field for the data and then do
calcMD5(data) and send this over the wire. When you receive it you do the
same on your side with your known local copy of what you expect (the
password for example and compare results for a match.

Hope this helps.


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  RE: FLASH: MD5 hash in F5 action script, john hamman

  RE: FLASH: MD5 hash in F5 action script, john hamman

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