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Subject: RE: FLASH: (OT) HELP!!!! audio is no longer audioing... or
From: Brack, Jeremy
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 01:31:02 +0100

sumthing like ...
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 16:45:58 -0400
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Did you check the Windows Volume Control? It may sound silly, but sometimes
when you install a sound program like WinAmp, your Volume Control settings
inside Windows gets set lower or higher than you had it set before. Make
sure your Windows Volume levels are set to MAX, and none of them have the
mute box checked.
Look on the task bar on the bottom right corner of your screen. You should
see an icon that looks like a speaker. Double click on the icon and your
Windows Volume Control settings should pop up.

If you have powered speakers, make sure that the plug didnt get kicked out
of the wall/socket. Also make sure the sound cable is plugged into both
your sound card and your speakers. If the sound wire is only partially
plugged in, you might not hear sound.

If none of this helps bring the sound back, then you may need to re-install
the latest sound drivers for your sound card. You can get free sound
drivers from the website of the company that makes your sound card.


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I have already done all of those things, but for some reason i have no
sound playing whatsoever no matter what i try to do... realplayer, winamp,
windows cd player, windows sound recorder..... nothing works.... It's like i

don't have a sound card installed anymore.... but i know i do, cause windows

says it is working properly, and i have a laptop, so it is built into the
motherboard... i may just call tech support... this stinks... i hate
calling tech support, they treat you like you don't know a monitor from a
mouse... oh well.


John Ward

chericaathome [dot] com writes:

> Do you have WinAmp still running? I would think if you closed it, you're
> wav's would play again? No, huh?
> If you want to use WinAmp again as a player instead of converter, I THINK
> you go into preferences (Ctrl-K) and change Plug-ins...Output... from
> Nullsoft Disk Writer to Nullsoft waveOut. I've always thought this was
> very intuitive. Oh, I see there is a newer version, so maybe what I'm
> telling you isn't exactly applicable if you have the new and I don't.
> Besides, you said you have a new plug-in. Hmmm. Well, maybe this would
> lead you in a direction that might help.

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