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Subject: RE: FLASH:F5 bugs? (was XML socket server source and demo...)
From: Paul Willoughby
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 17:05:58 +0100

i was just looking at your cool f5 demos and i noticed a bug that i thought
they might fix in f5. With the key object demo, it doesn't work until you
actually click somewhere in the browser window. It's no great shakes, but
does anybody know why this is and if there's a workaround?


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From: Branden Hall [bhallatfigleaf [dot] com (mailto:bhallatfigleaf [dot] com)]
Sent: 30 August 2000 16:27
To: 'flasheratchinwag [dot] com'
Subject: FLASH: XML socket server source and demo...

Hey everyone.. as I have been promising for some time, you can snag my Java
XML socket server from:

It now includes the source as well as a link to a demo of the server. Its
really basic, but it works! :-)

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-= Senior Interactive Developer/Instructor
-= Fig Leaf Software - "We've got you covered!"

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  Re: FLASH:F5 bugs? (was XML socket serv, Randy Kato

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