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Subject: Re: FLASH: IE F5 player bug ! confirmed
From: Matt Wobensmith
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 18:00:01 +0100

Hi Gabriel -

You wrote:

>Windows 98 german, IE 5.50.4134.0600 128 bit encryption ,german version,
>Flash5 player autoinstall

>with this very setup some flash files are slowed down **extremely**
>while playback with NN plugin 5, playback in WinNT and playback with the
>old player on this **same machines** is just fine

There have been a few reports of speed differences between the old and new
players. I know of no confirmed bugs that back this up. However, we are
tracking any and all issues here.

I'm sending your post to our QA department. I can't promise that we will
address your issue at the moment, as we haven't seen this behavior in our
extensive testing. However, with your help and anything else we glean, we
can find out what causes this performance issue.


Matt Wobensmith
Flash Community Manager

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  Re: FLASH: IE F5 player bug ! confirmed , Gabriel Mulzer

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