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Subject: Re: FLASH:F5 bugs? (was XML socket server source and demo...)
From: John Dowdell
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 20:17:46 +0100

> > With the key object demo, it doesn't work until you
> > actually click somewhere in the browser window.
> It's just like any other program, if it doesn't have focus,
> no input will work...
> Can a program *pull* itself into focus (without resorting
> to OS-specific scripting)?

To my knowledge the various browsers don't offer a common way to achieve
this, sorry. (Although they're all designed to the predefined HTML spec,
edge conditions like these may the various proprietary implementations

A common "social-engineering" way to avoid such keyfocus issues is to have
a "start" button or other element in the movie, so that people must click
in the object before directing keyboard events to it. This handles the
focus without people even realizing it's an issue.


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