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Subject: Re: FLASH: IE F5 player bug ! confirmed - first hint
From: Gabriel Mulzer
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 20:19:30 +0100

seems like the slow down is caused by setting too many variables :

both files I was worrying about used a clip to store sin values
I followed very much Colin Moocks example (thanks)
( to be exact, I took it and altered it only little bit )
If not for tutorial or plug and play convenience,
it might be even for *enhenced performance* ,
this clip does not set only necessary values for 90 degrees
but for full 360 degrees - with sin cos and tan this makes 1080 variables ...
Reducing the amount of variables in a first step instantly doubled playback
( it's still only 2/3 compared to the NN plugIn )

Though I was aware there are some unnecessary values
(f.i. I dont need tan here ), I didn't care,
for this seemed to be no problem so far.
In fact I expected this way would increase performance,
for all values are already calculated,
so you don't have repeat this many times per frame.

the first hint to me on too many varibles causing problems with the player
came from bibo from c-base.org - I didnt listen because I was not aware
how I could reduce them very much


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