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Subject: FLASH: get url/avoid replay intro movie
From: mingo
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 05:17:12 GMT


Another two questions here from me today :>

1. What's the different b3 selecting "Blank" and "Top" in the window spec
when using the Get URL action ? I know "blank" will open a new window, and
as stated in the manual, "Top" is a new window on top of the current
window..isn't it the same as "self", if you have time, pls explain to me
wat's the different b3 all the four values. "Self", "Blank", "Parent" and
"Top". THANKS !

2. After I click on a button that have a get url action which open a
website on the current window, if I click on the "Back" button, it will go
back to my main movie, but I don't want the intro to play this time,
instead go straight to the menu label, How can this be done ??


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