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Subject: Re: FLASH: Hi folks, my first post.....
From: David Gary
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 17:23:36 GMT

Natasha wrote:

> Well I opened the box today, and installed something brand new to me
> called Macromedia Flash. Well the screen came up and "oh my" what do I
> do now?
> The whole thing is quite confusing and I feel like a puppy in a world of
> nasty cats.
> Do you folks have a recommendation of a good jump-start learning site
> that will get me going?
> Natasha
> ps, By the way I like to pass on a joke now and again I hope you folks
> don't mind.

Hiya Natasha,

The first place I would recomend is the tuts in the proggy. That is probably the best place to
start understanding

Few tips before starting out:

1: Layers are like the shelves of glass plates used in the ole' Multi-plane camera systems created
in the fifties.
i.e., top layer, top shelf. second layer, lower shelf, etc.Animations and MCs can be placed on
these "shelves"
to overlap each other.
2: MCs(movie lips) have and behave own their own individual timelines seperate of the maintimeline.

3:In Flash3 it is typically a good idea to exclude the use of "scenes" and focus on how MCs and
"tell target"
4: Think of "tell taget" as a action keyframe making a phone call to a MC and having a conversation
with it.
5:Make everything a "symbol" except for images used for "shape tweening".
6:"Tweening is derived from the word "inbetween". In traditional animation, the animator will draw
or full extensions of the animation while someone else fills in the smooth animated frames
In FLash, the program does this for you, thats called "tweening".
7:Study traditional animation to understand the basics of FLash.


btw, please dont get too crazy with the jokes, If I see them, I find myself having to read them
which tends
to slow my production time. =8>)



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  FLASH: Hi folks, my first post....., Natasha

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