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Subject: Re: FLASH: Need help-Broken text/Speed issue
From: David Gary
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 17:38:39 GMT

Chris Burke wrote:

> Byron, thanks so much for your response. So there's an auto-smooth function
> that cannot be turned off. I will experiment with altering the text in
> photoshop.

I wouldnt do that. Anything that can be created as vector should be used first.
images will increase file size when not really neccessary. I believe you didnt
completely break the text apart
in Flash. Break apart till "break apart" option is greyed out. Then use eraser or
whatever to get "ripped" look.
Then create as symbol an tween accordingly.

Bandwidth profile is "view/bandwidth profile" option when testing movie.

> One other question for anyone: How do Flash users effectively deal with the
> playback speed issue? What I create at home on my Mac 7100/66 flies by too
> quickly to read on my 200 Mghz machine at my studio. I suppose there is no
> way to set the speed of playback so that it is not faster on a faster
> machine, is there? What is the best method for dealing with this?
> Thanks for your help.

Test on fastest system you can get your hands on and set fps(framerate)



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  Re: FLASH: Need help-Broken text/Speed i, Chris Burke

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