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Subject: Re: FLASH: Question about AOL
From: Laura Mollett
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 1998 13:29:45 GMT

>At 12:44 AM 12/24/98, Natasha wrote:
>> Have you folks had any problems with AOL accounts accessing
>> your Flash sites? I've heard some static about this and just
>> wanted to confirm.
>I use AOL as my connection from home, and I routinely visit Flash sites
>without incident. I usually start up a real browser instead of using the
>one that's included with AOL (you can use Microsoft or Netscape browsers
>while logged on), but even the included AOL browser can view Flash and
>Shockwave pages.

The only problem I had getting shockwave to work with AOL was making
sure the security on the browser was set to medium or whatever it is.
I'm not sure if that's MSIE or AOL itself, but it's one thing you
might doublecheck if you're having trouble :).

Laura Mollett

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